Welcome to CommentLuv Customer Service!

if commentluv is not working for you, please follow these steps before you ask for help because these things will be suggested to you when you submit a ticket if you haven't done them before you submit your issue.

1. if you have a cache plugin like W3 total cache or WP super cache or other then be sure to completely delete the cache by using the button in the settings page for your cache plugin.
This is the number one reason why people think there is an issue. Caching happens to keep a copy of your pages and then they serve them to new visitors because it is quicker. If you change a setting or add a new plugin then it wont show until you clear the cache and let it build new pages.
2. If the plugin is not behaving properly then it may be a theme problem. The quickest way to eliminate the theme as the problem is to temporarily change to the default theme. (don't forget to clear the cache if you have a cache plugin) and if the problem goes away then it will be a theme problem. Search the wordpress forums or ask the theme author for help, it has probably been experienced by another theme user before.
3. If an error shows, many times it will tell you what to do to stop the error. Make sure to read the error or note it down for later, you will be asked what the error says. It is not acceptable to say 'there is an error' and then not be able to say what the error is when you are asked.
4. make sure you log out of your site and test the comment form as a user would see it.
5. if you know how to view the console or developer tools in chrome or firefox then do so, any javascript or html errors will show there and will help you to resolve the problem
6. please search before you submit, CommentLuv is on tens of thousands of sites and has been downloaded almost 1 million times and processes literally 10's of millions of comments per day so chances are that any problems you are having will have been experienced, and solved before. please search first!

if you must submit a ticket then you will have to provide at least the following information :

  1. your site URL ('my site' or 'on all my sites' or 'on any site' is not a valid response)
  2. your username if you are a premium customer
  3. the exact page to see the problem (the exact URL, not 'on any page' or 'all pages)
  4. the values that were used in the comment form if it is a problem with the functionality
  5. provide enough information so that the problem can be replicated by support, doing so will dramatically decrease the amount of time that you will get an answer and solution to your problem
  6. failure to provide this basic information will result in your ticket going to the back of the queue and not answered for up to 48 hours.



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